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Conferencies and Workshops

RegioResources 21-2018, Global Megatrends and Landscape Congress centre Smolenice of the SAS, Slovakia 17.04.2018 19.04.2018
45th Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice Castle 15.05.2018 18.05.2018
45th Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice 15.05.2018 18.05.2018
VIII. workshop of the project UNESCO "Flood regime of rivers in the Danube River Basin" KC SAS, Smolenice 21.05.2018 23.05.2018
5th meeting Advances in cardiovascular research Smolenice 23.05.2018 26.05.2018
CEQIP 2018 – Central European Quantum Information Processing Smolenice, Slovakia 13.06.2018 16.06.2018
42 IAD Conference: Danube - a lifeline governed by multiple uses, pressures and a multitude of ecosystem services Smolenice 02.07.2018 06.07.2018
8th International Posture Symposium Congress Center Smolenice 09.09.2018 12.09.2018
18th International Symposium "Landscape diversity and biodiversity Congress centre Smolenice of the SAS, Slovakia 18.09.2018 21.09.2018

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Past conferences

44th Annual Conference on Yeasts Smolenice Castle 02.05.2017 05.05.2017
FEBS Workshop on Nucleotide excision repair and crosslink repair – from molecules to mankind Smolenice, Slovensko 07.05.2017 11.05.2017
Measurement 2017 CC Smolenice SAS 29.05.2017 31.05.2017
14th Bratislava Symposium on Saccharides "Glycochemistry for Biology and Medicine" Smolenice Castle 25.06.2017 30.06.2017

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